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The Camping area  is 60 metres  from the beach of Mikros Gialos and is one of the first established in  Greece since it dates back to 1974. Camping is exciting and fun with facilities for your comfort and that’s why our customers have rated it in the 10 best camping sites  in Greece and according to the British newspaper ‘ Daily’ it is one of the best in Europe.

80% of the tent-caravan  sites are under huge olive trees, berry trees and climbing vines, 60-100m  away of the beach and they all have electricity. Cleanliness is a must -very important to us- and our facilities are spotless. Our personnel consists of young people who will make you feel at home. We promise you will want to return.


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Facilities - Services


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The use of our pool is free for our customers and is located next to Menta kitchen & bar, 100m from the camping area and far enough to avoid disturbance. It is open from 10.00 to 20.00 and children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


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A room full of toys, in the Menta area and next to the pool, allows your children to play while you are enjoying the view drinking coffee or tasting our delicious dishes. There is also a playground with a slide, swings and ropes for our little friends beside the swimming pool.
Super Market

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Every day you can find fresh bread and croiassant, fresh fruit, drinks and groceries as well as a variety of meat for your barbecue. Cigarettes and ice cubes are also available.
Stay on line
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There are available computers with a charge in the Menta area  for those who have forgotten to bring their own so you can stay in touch with your friends.
Showers and Bathrooms
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The camping bathrooms are contemporary with constant hot water. We  provide toilet paper, soap, hairdryers, common rooms for washing clothes and dishes, which comly with the European Union’s standards for the handicapped. Please do not waste water it is valuable for all of us.
Washing Machines
Washing machines are available for use. Information is available at the reception desk.
Rental Fridgers
Besides the common fridges in the camping area, there are also rental fridges if yoy prefer to have your own storage space for your use. Information is available at the reception desk.
Parking Space
Every room at the POROS BEACH has its own parking space and two more are available at the entrance to the camping without charge.


Check in-Check out Camping
Your camping spot is arranged by the reception and no change can be made without an agreement. Check out  and vacating the spot is performed until 14.00 or otherwise you are charged with an extra day.

All pets are accepted  from the smaller to the bigger ones… You should always keep them on leash (no matter how calm they are). Take care of their excrements and do not let them go into the sea.
Resting hours
There should be silence during resting hours 15.00 - 17:00 and 24:00 - 08:00
Lighting a fire is allowed only at the barbecue area and not in the camping area unless permission is given by the reception desk.
P lease drive at the walking speed in the resort and deactivate your car alarms. Washing cars or boats are not allowed. Driving into or out of the resort is not allowed after midnight.
Cleanliness- Environment
Please help us keep our common areas clean as well as the beach of Mikros Gialos. There are rubbage bins throughout the resort and the beach and please check the common fridges before you leave.
Electricity is available for lighting, radios, T.V, fridges etc. You may not use a small oven, electric burners, coffee pots, air-condition etc. Use extension cords with rubber cover for safety reasons. The interference to the electrical supplies fuses is strictly prohibited.


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